The success of Mare Nostrum is the success of the team: we are enthusiastic and dedicated to the mission of Mare Nostrum and we invite you to know us better.
Executive director of Mare Nostrum
She made the mission of Mare Nostrum her own and she wishes to raise the respect towards the environment. Mihaela has a consistent involvement in the non-profit sector dedicated to environmental protection and brings her experience in the central administration. At the same time, her continuous preoccupation for progress and improvement brought her the internationally recognized certification of Project Management Professional, which helps her to develop the working environment in the organisation. During her activity in Mare Nostrum, she focused her attention on subjects related to Black Sea ecosystem conservation, such as: data collection regarding marine litter, cetacean conservation and education for sustainable development. Her publications are dedicated to the public and teachers, but also to the scientific community, having a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in Project Management.
Coordinator of Biodiversity Conservation Department
He studied zoobenthic fauna from marine lakes on the Romanian seashore, during his bachelor’s degree studies. He later deepened his studies on marine mammals in the Black Sea, during his master’s degree studies. For 8 years, he improved himself in this area, developing a monitoring and conservation program, related to the two cetacean families existing in the Black Sea: Delphinidae (common dolphin and bottlenose dolphin) and Phocoenidae. The program supports the implementation of the Action Plan for cetacean conservation in the Black Sea Romanian waters. He observed numerous individuals in their natural environment and over 700 stranded individuals. He participated in both national and international projects, being a member in the ACCOBAMS Scientific Committee, as a representative and responsible for the Black Sea.
Project Manager
She has a bachelor’s degree in Geography and she deepend her knowledge for three more years, during her master’s degree studies, on the theme “Sustainable development in the coastal area and eco-touristic value of the seashore area”. She is involved in writing and implementing projects regarding protected areas, waste management and activities dedicated to marine biodiversity. She is permanently preoccupied with education for sustainable development and raising awareness among tourists regarding different environmental issues.
Public Events Coordinator, Project Coordinator
She’s a Biology and Biodiversity Conservation graduate; she loves the environment and wishes respect for it from everybody. For over 5 years, she is in charge of organizing public events, aimed to inform and educate people in order to respect the environment; she strongly believes that only through education and we can protect the environment. She was involved in projects that targeted different areas, such as education or marine litter, but with the same purpose: a cleaner environment!
Coordinator of Education for Sustainable Development Department
She is a psychologist that loves people and the environment. Mare Nostrum opened for her new horizons related to the fascinating world of education for sustainable development, but also to environmental psychology. Since 2007, she has worked with over 600 volunteers, more than 120 educational institutions, almost 1000 teachers and thousands of students, in different projects, public events, and campaigns. She loves what she does and strongly believes that education is the base of society and of change, for a better world.
PR Specialist
She has over 10 years of experience in written press, TV and Public Relations, both locally and nationally. The experience she accumulated in the media makes her easily transmit the message of the organisation to the target group. She has out of the box ideas and develops communication strategies, meant to accentuate the organisational brand attributes.
Financial / accounting expert
She worked for 10 years in the banking system and after that she specialized in financial management (4 years) and financial analysis (7 years). The experience she accumulated is applied in Mare Nostrum, being involved together with her colleagues in accomplishing the vision of the organisation.
Coordinator Assistant
He graduated from the Natural Sciences and Agricultural Sciences Faculty, being specialized in biology. During his bachelor’s degree studies he was focused on studying the vertebrates from Dobrogea region. Later, he studied Biodiversity Conservation, for his master’s degree, and during the last semester of his studies he focused on the cetaceans of the Black Sea. He participated in the first training dedicated exclusively to the cetaceans of the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. Currently, his activity in the organisation is related to cetacean conservation and monitoring.
Being a volunteer since 2014, Diana gathered more than 200 hours of volunteering. She was involved in all kinds of activities: public events, dolphin monitoring, litter monitoring, administrative tasks, education activities. From all her work, she is mostly attached to the aquatic monitoring of the cetaceans in the Black Sea.